“I would love to help you, but this doesn’t feel right”. Put a finger down if you have ever made such a statement, even if it isn’t the same context, most of us at some point, have had this struggle with our consciences. The bible says in Romans 8:14, that those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

Conscience is the voice of the spirit, your spirit however is a function of your faith; your belief. That is to say, your conscience doesn’t just feed himself, rather, it is fed off your existing spirit. What I perceive as good or bad might not be the same for you because we probably have different belief systems or that we might have the same belief system but we both have different ways of interpretation.

A large number of us had made decisions based on what we perceive as right. I would say listening to our consciences should take a larger part when making choices, however, you have to be in a right standing spiritually to do this. Most Christians make religious choices and not spiritual ones. The spirit of God is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit can never misguide those He leads. The path to which He guided might be uncomfortable sometimes, but it will never lead to a pothole and so if a Christian claim to be in right standing with God and God leads that individual, that choice or leading will emanate into a glorifying message because that is the main reason God leads, speaks, inspires, to mention but a few.

Making choices based on religious guidance alone is just an emotional choice hiding under the disguise of religion. We have 168 hours in a week, imagine a young man sleeping 56 hours per week (which is the advisable time medically, so there is nothing wrong with it), also, imagine chores and compulsory errands take an average of 14 hours per week, that leaves the young man with 98 hours per week. As funny as this may sound, if the man is a religious fanatic, he may spend over 70 hours serving the church or meeting the needs of his religious leaders. Now, this isn’t bad if this young man is truly convicted in his spirit that he is going into full-time ministry, but if he isn’t, this particular choice isn’t the best for him and he might not even be fulfilling God’s agenda through his life. Rather than being in the church round the clock, he is meant to take out time to invest in his personal growth, career growth, business growth, and also spiritual growth.

Where most Christians get it wrong is that they think Church is God’s kingdom. God’s Kingdom can be expressed in the fashion industry, the finance industry, the media, and even a home. God’s Kingdom is too enormous to be limited to church alone. The core purpose of God’s kingdom is that men be drawn to salvation and if you’re always present in the church and not doing your part in His Kingdom agenda, then it is pointless. This is not to say that going and (or) serving in the Church of Christ isn’t necessary, it is, but it shouldn’t hinder one’s growth spiritually. As the bible says that we shouldn’t forsake the gathering of brethren.

Also, being led by the Spirit of God doesn’t just happen overnight, it is what you train yourself to be accustomed to. Just like you exercise and eat right continuously to stay healthy and fit, that’s the same way you exercise your spirit to be attuned to the Spirit of God. Being led by the Spirit of God means that you are an ardent learner of the Word, you pray fervently, fast (putting a particular pleasure under subjection to quicken your spirit man), to mention but a few.

Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”. Being alive in times like these requires guidance, and not just any kind of guidance, but divine guidance. I don’t know about you but as for me, I accept that I cannot get through life without God and as such, I’m climbing on his shoulders any time, any day so that I will be properly LED.